Saturday, November 26, 2022

Thanksgiving 2022

Having hosted many Thanksgiving and Christmas meals, this one was really easy to put together.

Shopping List

  • Turkey Breast with ribs
  • Cranberries - 2 bags + sugar
  • 2 jar gravy
  • 3-4 5 to 6 inch potatoes - cream cheese
  • Corn Bread Stuffing - 1 box
    • onion
    • celery
    • sage sausage
    • butter
  • Veggies - (large) brussel sprouts with bacon and onion, chicken broth
  • Pumpkin Pe, evap milk, pumpkin spice, sugar, egg
  • Corn Crescent Rolls

I did the shopping in under 35 minutes at the larger Von's near where my mom used to live - timed because I fit the time between two appointments and I had to allow time to get the food in the frig before the trip to the second one.

I saved the receipt as I was really pleased with the prices and quickness of the shopping trip.  (Receipt is at the bottom of this post.) The news is full of discussion about inflation, so I guess I was just better at shopping than in previous years and I am pretty sure my $124 comes in a lot lower than what I paid in previous years. I overbought and bought things not for the holiday too! It was nice to be able to get everything at one store.  It has been years and years since we had more than just the three of us for the actual holiday meal, so I don't know why I bought to much extra.  We do have friends over for dessert though pretty often.

Day before:

Cooked the sage sausage, 1/4 diced one cup each of celery and onion and cooked that next in the same pan.  Stored separately in the frig. Always think of Heidy when I make the cornbread and sage sausage dressing. We had fun a few years cooking food before holidays together.

Put one cup of water and one cup of sugar in saucepan. Boiled until sugar melted. Added rinsed cranberries - stirred while it boiled for about 10 minutes.  Next time, try mashing some of the cranberries before removing them from the heat.  Put in clear serving dish and let cool to room temperature before covering and putting in the frig. Next time put in my prettier clear dish.

Peeled four 4-5 inch potatoes and put them in water, then diced into about 1 inch chunks. Turned on the heat to boiling - when they were soft I drained, put in a square of cream cheese, S&P and mashed it all together - transferred to a casserole - topped with a few pads of butter and few shakes of paprika.  Covered with foil and put in the frig after the potatoes cooled down a bit. My Mom found the recipe in the newspaper - Celebration Potatoes.  The original recipe had sour cream and cream cheese.  We all loved them the first holiday she made them. The next time everyone put big spoonfuls on their plates.  And then dug in in anticipation of the taste - but then spit them out.  I remember though how terrible they tasted!  Dad: Opal these do not taste right, what did you do?  Mom: I just followed the recipe!  Dad: That was a very stupid thing to do!  On investigation, she discovered the sour cream had spoiled.  So I don't put sour cream in my potatoes and since DH remembers/prefers his childhood mashed potatoes with just milk and butter I only put one box of cream cheese. Next time, add some milk and butter in the potatoes. And bake them in the oven.

Cooked 1/4 lb of bacon until cooked but soft. Left in the pan for DH to use for his brussel sprouts.

DH cleaned the brussel sprouts.  I think he baked on a tray in the toaster oven at a high temperature with the bacon and some balsamic vinegar.

DH found a casserole for the turkey breast.  He put a few small round potatoes in the pan first so the turkey would not be in the fat.  He used rosemary for seasoning. (I'm not sure why he didn't use the bay leaves we purchased for $1.50 in El Cajon Spice store.) Although he was in charge of the turkey, I thought of Liz and Ian showing me how to roast a chicken in that pan. Once we have all the meat, I will boil the bones to make the wonderful gel to use in soup.

Once the turkey was in the oven, I broke an egg into a cup and added some water and chicken broth paste - then whipped that together.  I cleaned the fry pan and put a cube of butter to melt, then cooked the onions and celery until they were clear, then added the sausage to heat it up too.  Put all the warmed items in the bowl with a packet of dried, cubed cornbread, S&P and Seasoning,  Added a few tablespoons of heated water, mixed and then all the egg with broth and water.  Put in oiled 9 x 13 pan with the turkey.

Scrubbed and washed three sweet potatoes and put in the oven with the turkey - on the rack - made a mess of the oven so next time bake them on a piece of foil or a pie tin.

That evening DH and I had a dinner of all the sides.  Cornbread and sausage dressing, mashed potatoes with cream cheese, cranberry sauce, sweet potato, brussel sprouts.  We did not cut into the turkey, to save it for Friday's meal with DS.

After the kitchen was clean again, I made pumpkin/chocolate chip cookies from a Costco mix.  We each had two while we watched TV.  (The last episode of Japan is Sinking, and one episode of Manifest.)  DS went to office then for his zoom Peace Corp teaching gig and I walked Buffy.  I intended to go around the block but as we approached the corner a rather large coyote came trotting by heading the direction I was planning on going so instead we went back to our driveway and Buffy was happy jogging in a circle for her exercise. 

Friday I made pumpkin pie.  I had made the crust a few months ago and put in the freezer.  It defrosted but was not malleable, so I used a grater to put the crust in the pie plate.  (Still have 2/3 crust left.)  I covered the bottom completely, then added a few candied pecans before adding the pumpkin.  So the sides did not have any crust.  Let it cook on the counter, then placed in the frig. Next time make sure to involve DS with the pie making - or something to do together beyond just eating the meal.

Right before eating with DS, we put the food on the counter to take the chill off.  I made crescent rolls and heated gravy in the pourable gravy bowl, made a salad, set table with the gravy and cranberry sauce, rolls and softened butter.  Put the salad on the salad plate, and dished up my plate and put in the microwave. I had DH and DS spoon up what they wanted for dinner. They heated to the temperature they wanted - and we ate.

Later we had the pumpkin pie with whipped cream, and eggnog with banana rum.  The pie did not come cleanly out of the pan, but was very good. Next time okay to grate the crust to make it thin, but build it up so there is crust on the sides so the pie has a better chance of coming out cleanly.

It was a very simple, but very nice Thanksgiving.  I didn't pull out the nice dishes, instead we ate on everyday white.  Was a bit different for us to have Thanksgiving on Friday - but DS had something to do on Thursday so we moved things back. Next time, pull out the fancy blue and white dishes?, and use spring form for the pie so it can be put on a display pie plate?

I miss the large family meals my folks used to host when I was a kid.  And every year I'm a little sad that our son never got to experience that.  My Mom had so many more side dishes.  Sort of like a Chinese meal where you get more and more dishes the more people there are.  Waldorf Salad, Corn Casserole, more vegetables, more pies and desserts, fancier salads. Heat and serve rolls.

I miss the Friendsgivings we hosted here before I found out about the Great LA Walk and people moved away...  I want to write those friends to find out what they are doing!

But so glad the three of us could share the meal tonight.  I'll try to get a photo of the three - four  with Buffy - of us and put it on the blog posting soon.

Nov 22, 2022 VONS Receipt

33 items

* Brown Sugar, Coconut, Marzipan, 3 Philly Cream Cheese, 3 Jimmy Dean Sausage, Clementines, 1/2 Brussel Sprouts, 2 lite cherry yogurt, Jello, and X?  Not sure what that even is! (Either overbought or not for Thanksgiving)

Stopped another day at another store for 3 sweet potatoes and crescent rolls.

Updating this 11-27 after one 'left over' meal. Only needed to get one gravy jar, 1 cranberry bag, 1.5 - 2 lb brussel sprouts, 1 JD sausage, 1 cream cheese for the meal.

Updated 12-4 We ended up having 6 servings leftover meals, five turkey sandwiches, and then I froze turkey, made nice turkey soup with hatch chilies, white beans, turkey broth, onions, garlic with some of it - still have about a cup frozen to use for something else.  DH said several times he prefers mashed potatoes with only butter and milk. Never got the family photo. Took these at Balboa Park's December Nights...

The first year we just got a breast it did not include the bones and turned out very dry. A few years I had to go to actual butcher or Whole Foods for the bone-in breast only. So nice to be able to get at regular grocery store this year!

A B J for the meal.

And here is photo of DH helping little Buffy get her harness and leash before for a night walk. She is a wonderful model of adapting to change.

Friday, November 25, 2022

Grapefruit Cornmeal Cake: Thanksgiving 2015

Way back in 2015, Bernie made this cake as part of a large selection of desserts we made for Thanksgiving 2015. We were chatting about the cake this week, and I was sure I had put it on this blog - but alas not only was it not in the blog, but it wasn't even on my computer!  I only had the shopping list saved there.

We didn't make it this year, 2022, but I'm pasting it here so we can enjoy it another time.

During the pandemic I made another cornmeal based cake that was not enjoyed - it had cherries as I recall.  Watched a guy on TB (Simon?) and his wife cheerily cook in their backyard.  It was a nice show, and the cake looked like it would be delicious - oh well.  This one was delicious in 2015!

Grapefruit Cornmeal Cake

Downloaded 11 25 2022 from:

Food & Wine (November 2015), recipe by Kay Chun

Subscribe to Food & Wine

Total time: 2 hours 30 minutes
Servings: 12



  • 1 1/2 sticks unsalted butter, melted and cooled, plus more for greasing
  • 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1/2 cup medium-grind cornmeal
  • 1 1/2 cups granulated sugar
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 3 large eggs
  • 1 tablespoon finely grated grapefruit zest plus 1/4 cup fresh grapefruit juice
  • 2 cups confectioners’ sugar, sifted
  • 1/4 cup poppy seeds
  • 1/4 cup fresh grapefruit juice



Preheat the oven to 350°. Butter a 9-inch cake pan. Line the bottom with parchment paper and butter the paper.

In a medium bowl, whisk the flour with the cornmeal, granulated sugar, baking powder and salt. In another medium bowl, whisk the melted butter with the eggs, grapefruit zest and grapefruit juice. While whisking constantly, add the butter mixture to the flour mixture in a slow, steady stream. Whisk until well blended. Scrape the batter into the prepared pan and bake for about 40 minutes, until golden and a cake tester inserted in the center comes out clean.

Transfer the cake to a rack to cool for 10 minutes. Run a sharp paring knife around the edge of the cake, then invert it onto the rack. Peel off the parchment paper. Carefully flip the cake right side up and set 
the rack over a baking sheet. Let cool until warm, about 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, make the glaze: In a medium bowl, mix the confectioners’ sugar and poppy seeds. While whisking constantly, slowly drizzle in the grapefruit juice until a smooth, thick glaze forms. Pour the glaze all over the top of the warm cake and spread evenly over the top and side. Let stand until set, about 30 minutes.

MAKE AHEAD: The cake can be stored in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 3 days.

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Chicken Salad with red grapes, walnuts and blue cheese

 6 c shredded rotisserie chicken

3 c seedless red grapes - cut in half

2 ribs celery thinly sliced 9 (about 2 cups)

1 c toasted and chopped walnuts

1/2 c blue cheese, crumbled

2 c mayo

2 T sherry vinegar

1 T fresh thyme leaves

2 t lemon zest

1/2 t garlic powder

1/2 t kosher salt, or to taste

Serve in bibb lettuce cups or as sandwich filling - 6 servings

costco Mrch 2022

Stir Fry Marinade

1/2 t salt flakes

1 t soy

1 t dry sherry

1/2 t sugar

1/2 t corn starch

pinch MSG - optional

1/2 t baking soda - optional

1 t neutral oil

place 1 lb meat in bowl - cover with cold water and shake - put in mesh strainer to drain and press to remove water - then return to bowl.

add marinade and stir for 30 seconds

room temp for 15 to 30 minutes or frig over night before stir frying

Chinese instructions say to rinse sliced meat, squeeze out moisture.

Washed meat may be paler in color, but will be more tender and keeps the seasoning more.

Costco March 2022

Dressing - celery apple lettuce salad - candied pecans

 1/4 c apple juice


2 T vinegar (apple cider)

1 t grainy mustard

2 t maple syrup


Mix together salad - dress - top with pecans

mostly celery and apple 

Costco March 2022

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

2022: February Meals

 Tue Feb 1 2022


D Cabbage and Pork

T B&J Ice Cream

Wed Feb 2, 2022

L B&J split reuben sand and Matza soup  DZ Akins Pick Up $_______

D Corbins Pick Up $_______ Tri Tip Salads for B&J, Tri tip sand and Mac and Cheese for A

T in frig DZ Akins Eclair, and rice pudding

Ralph's $40.60

Gas Arco $6.54 for 1.363 gallons

Thu Feb 3 2022


D Italian Pick UP _______   BJA Chicken parm and spaghetti, stuffed mushrooms, salad

Fri Feb 4 2022

Costco Returned $_______ Bought $_________

L Costco chicken salad on lettuce leaves and Matzo Soup

D Costco meatload and Potato with zuchinni, salad leftover from Italian night

Sat Feb 5 2022

L Chicken Salad sand + Lettuce and chips BJA

D Gyros Nan hummus carrots celery BJA

T Brownie ice cream

Sun Feb 6 2022

* Walk J&A Seven Bridges

T Milk Tea J&A ~$10 (A)

L Carry out Mass Pizza (A) $30

T brownie and ice cream

D B&J shrimp cocktail

T dip and chips B&J, brownie ice cream

Mon Feb 7 2022

L shrimp and left over pizza

T J yogurt 1/2 eng muffin PB&J

D left over spaghetti chicken parm, meat loaf and potatoes

Tue Feb 8 2022

B B eng muffin with butter, J cottage cheese and blueberries

L B&A chicken salad sand and chips, J chicken salad and chips - shared shrimp cocktail

2022: January Meals

 Sat, Jan 1, 2022

Eggs, Bacon, Toast, Blueberries

Sun, Jan 2, 2022

Eggs, Bacon, Blueberry Pancakes

Papa John's Pizza $32.57

Mon, Jan 3, 2022

Mexican by SDSU (A p/u) $29.87

Keils $67.06

Leftover Chicken Noodle Soup

Tue, Jan 4, 2022

Domino's Pizza & Apple Twists Delivered $40.77

Milk Street - Crispy Chickpeas

Mashed Potato Pancakes, Apple Sauce, Sour Cream, Pear Salad Kit

Next time make smaller pancakes, slow cook with spray oil

Wed, Jan 5, 2022

Leftover Pizza and Knots,

Garlic Bread, Beef Chickpea Stew

George's Sauerkraut and polska kielbasa, mashed potatoes, salad, peas

Next time be sure to get brand name sausage - A wanted more salt

Thu, Jan 6, 2022

H Mart $52.89

T/L Tours Les Jours $13.25 - 5 pastries

ZZang Hot Doge $11.04 3 hotdogs

Bano ~$35.00 3 meals

L 3 ZZang Hot Dogs- split A B J

D 1 Bano Meal Bibimbap

CVS $6.32 RX Toothpaste 1 tube

Fri, Jan 7, 2022

L Bano Spicy Pork Plate, broth and peas

Costco $70.16

Von's ~$28

D Costco Meatload & Pot & Brussel Sprouts

Sat, Jan 8, 2022

B J Eng Muffin with PB&J, B Raisin Bran

L Bano Bulgogi Beef Plate

D B&A Costco Meatloaf and Pot Peas, J Oatmeal, blueberries, pecans

Sun Jan 9 2022

L J&B Costco Meatloaf and Pot Peas (got 7 servings from the package now done)

D H Mart Spicy Veg and Ham Soup

Mon Jan 10 2022

B J yogurt, apple sauce, pecans and cereal with strawberries, B Raisin Bran with blueberries

L H Mart Spicy Veg and Ham soup (one serving left)

D Drive thru Burger King $10.98  B&J SPlit hamburger and Fish sandwich

Tue Jan 11, 2022

B J Eng muffin PB&J

L/D Nan with hummus  B veg and Ham soup, J Eggs

T ice cream J topped hers with nuts and marshmellows

P/U Ralphs $78.05

Wed Jan 12, 2022

L/D Birthday Chicken Corden Bleu, broccoli, salad

T Burnt Almond Cake and Tea

* A Shampoo den carpets

Thu Jan 13 2022

L Lobster Bisque Eng Muffin

D Lean Cuisine Chicken Parm and Noodles with peas

T B day cake and Nuts

Fri Jan 14, 2022

L Sardine, Celery, Egg, Buttered Toast Fingers

D Chicken with white sauce, lobster ravioli, peas, spinach

T B day cake

Sat Jan 15, 2022

D @ Richie's Greek Gyros, We brought Celery, Tomato Onion Sala

T Butterscotch oatmeal cookies 

Sun Jan 16 2022

L Chili and Toast

D Scrambled Eggs, sliced ham, English Muffin with swiss cheese

* Buffy bath

Mon Jan 17, 2022

L Bohn Mi (p/u A) ~$30.00

Ralphs p/u $62.00

Keils Shop $41.28

D Quiche chili spinach cheese, cottage cheese, wheat crust and refried beans, sweet kale salad

Tue Jan 18, 2022

B/T B&J BIrthday Cake

L Tuna mayo lettuce celery apple strawberries dressing with crescent rolls, butter honey

Wed Jan 19 2022

L quiche beans salad B&A, J had cottage cheese instead of quiche

CVS (Alex p/u) 2 cans refried beans $1 each so $2

D carry in Brother's Giant Pizza $44.14

Thur, Jan 20, 2022

B B cereal with blueberries

L B&A Pizza, J Cottage Cheese

$63.52 shop Ralph's (B)

D B&J Chicken Pot Pie

Fri, Jan 21, 2022

L B&J Chicken Pie and Salad

D BJA Sweet Potato Soup and fried chickpeas

T yogurt with topping J, Crackers and PUdding B

Sat Jan 22, 2022

L B&J Chicken Pie and Salad

D B&J In n Out $12.45 2 Cheeseburgers and split fries

* B did kitchen floor

Sun Jan 23, 2022

L Sweet Potato Soup with English Muffins

D J Yogurt with toppings, B Crackers and cheese

Mon Jan 24, 2022

L B&A Chicken Pie and Salad, J Chicken on salad

D Carry in Himilayen ~$75.00

Tue Jan 25, 2022

L Beef Stew and Eng Muffins

D Fish Curry Spinach and Paneer

* A Shampoo den

T Foster Freeze Ice Cream ~$5 and brownies

Wed Jan 26, 2022

L B&J Stew and Eng Muffin

D B&J leftover curry and spinach paneer, nan - A Beef stew and Eng Muffin

Von's _________, Ralph's _________

Thu Jan 27, 2022

L Nachos with cheese avocado saur cream and salsa

D B&J Foster Freeze Hot Dog hamburger $______ and salad

T Brownies

Fri Jan 28 2022

L B&J Last of Beef Stew

D BJA Cabbage and Pork and Salad

T Brownie and Ice Cream

Sat Jan 29 2022

L Drive Thru El Pollo Loco $14.86  J&B Salad, A Burrito

D Pick Up Pizza $____ and salad

T Pumpkin Brownies

Sun Jan 30, 2022

L J 1/2 leftover hamburger and dal soup, B 1/2 of A's El Pollo Loco Burrito

D B&J Cabbage and Pork with salad

T Pumpkin brownies and ice cream

Mon Jan 31

L - Wendy's B&J split 1 spicy chicken sandwich and chicken/apple salad  $_____

D Pick UP D Z Akins $_____   B&J Matzo Ball Soup

Monday, January 10, 2022

Waldorf: Applesauce "Birthday" Cake

Applesauce "Birthday" Cake
  • 3.25 c whole wheat pastry flour
  • 1.5 t baking soda
  • 1.5 t cinnamon
  • 3/4 c butter
  • 1 c maple syrup
  • 1/2 c molasses or honey
  • 1 egg
  • 1.5 c applesauce
Combine dry ingredients. Cut in the butter. add rest of ingredients, beat well. Bake at 350 degrees for around 1 hour.

Verse of Anticipation
When I have said my evening prayer,
and my clothes are folded on the chair,
when Mother switches out the light,
I'll still be ___ years old tonight!
But at the break of day,
before the children rise and play,
before the darkness turns to gold,
Then I'll be ___ years old.

Birthday Verse
In heaven shines a golden star
An Angel lead me from afar
From heaven on high unto the earth
And brought me to my house of birth.

Birthday Song
We wish you a happy birthday
a joyous and celebrated birthday
To our friend _____
May you have a long, long life

Sunday, January 9, 2022

Waldorf: Friday - Green Day - Rye Cereal

Rye Cereal

6 C rye flakes

1 1/2 tsp salt

12 C water

Cook until tender (Be sure to stir so it does not burn!)

Serve with honey or maple syrup and bananas.

Note: This recipe will serve 25 - 30 kindergarten children.   For 11 to 12 children make with 3 cups rye and 6 cups water.

Candle Lighting
I can light a candle
God can light a star
Both of them are helpful
Shining where they are

Candle Stuffing
Candlelight shining bright
Thank you for your loving light.
Good night.

Come Out and Play
Bright is the day
The birds are all singing
The flowers are gay.
Stretching up, oh, so high
Trying to reach the sky.
Come out and play!
Bright is the day
The birds are all singing
The flowers are gay.

Wash Hands
Wash hands wash
The men have gone to plow.
Now's the time to wash your hands
So wash your hands now

Good-bye Verse
Our work, our play, our song
In us becomes a light
We carry it along
Til the stars shine thru the night
To God we bring it all
Answering in his call.

Good-bye Song
Good-bye now
Good-bye now
We leave you now
And home we go

Good-bye now
Good-bye now
Good-bye now
Good-bye to all of you.

It's time to go or we'll be late
Let Martin lead us to the gate.

Good-bye now
Good-bye now
We'll see you soon again.

Some October 2021 Meals

 Just too busy taking care of Buffy to log all meals.  Relying on photos on phone to share a few meals...

October 30 2021 - DH and I were quite pleased this day.  We brought Buffy with us - and also brought the pet stroller - so she was sitting and sleeping safe in the zipped up stroller while we enjoyed a nice lunch out!

Oct 20 2021  Costco stuffed salmon for dinner, the electricity went out in kitchen after the meal, so DH and DS worked on wires in the dark.  Problem fixed next day when it was light.  Little Buffy a little more than 2 months out from her surgery, nice sunrise while we walked.

Oct 17 2021 - Lots of decorations in the neighborhood for Halloween.  This was my favorite...

Waldorf: Thursday - Orange Day Barley Soup

Barley Soup

3 carrots, chopped

1 onion (optional)

3 C barley

1/2 C tamari

1 T parsley

1 T oregano

2 quarts water

Chop onion, saute in oil until soft.

Add the remaining ingredients.

Cook until the barley is tender.

Recipe will feed 25 - 30 kindergarten children!

This was my son's favorite when he was in kindergarten.

Morning Verse
To Earth I come to greet the light, to greet the Sun,
The stones that rest,
The plants the grow,
The beasts that run.
To greet all people who walk and work and will,
Love God in all.
Then God greets me, in all I do,
And you and I and God are one.

Morning has come
Night is away
Rise with the Sun
And welcome the day!

Waldorf: Wednesday - Yellow Day Apple-Millet Cereal

Apple-Millet Cereal

2 1/4 C millet

6-8 C apple juice or water

5 - 7 apples, cut up

2 tsp cinnamon

Cover with water, add more as needed.  

Cook until tender (about 20 minutes)  *We recommend a heat disperser so the grains won't burn. If you don't have one, watch pot closely and stir often.

Optional: Serve with maple syrup.

Note: Recipe will feed 25 - 30 kindergarten children!

Lunch Blessing
Before the flour, the mill
Before the mill, the grain
Before the grain, the earth, the sun, the rain
The beauty of God's will.
Join hands.
Join hands.
Join hands.
Blessings on our food.

Waldorf: Tuesday - Red Day Bread


  1. Sponge: Combine and set aside, 1/4 C lukewarm water, 2 T yeast and 1/4 tsp maple syrup
  2. Combine: 1/4 C oil, 1/2 C maple syrup, 1 1/2 tsp salt, and 2 C water
  3. Add steps 1 and 2 together along with 1 1/2 C flour, stir 200 times, then let it rest 5 - 10 minutes.
  4. Add 4 C whole wheat flour (can substitute 1/2 C oats for the flour)
  5. Knead, add flour as needed.
  6. Shape on an oiled pan, then bake in 375 degree oven for 45 minutes.
  7. Note: if making rolls then bake 375 degree oven for 20 minutes.

Snack Blessing
Earth who gives to us this food,
Sun who makes it ripe and good,
Dear Earth, Dear Sun, by you we live,
Our loving thanks to you we give.
Join hands. Join hands. Join hands.
Blessing on our food.