Thursday, August 20, 2020

August 1 - 30, 2020 Self-Isolation Meals

Saturday, August 1
B - oatmeal
L - Salmon, mashed potatoes, string beans
D - Salad topped with yellow split pea fritters

I ended up having to double, or maybe it was triple the fritter recipe so I'm sure it wasn't healthy at all.  Was tasty though. Sort of like falafel!

Now when I'm harvesting and saving the basil I'm just coating the leaves with a bit of oil.  That way I can have more flexibility with how I use it in dishes.  We all still like pesto, but I don't want us to get tired of it!

Sunday, August 2

B - Cereal
L - Spinach with yellow peas - foldable bread and fig, walnut, honey
D - tofu with rice, maple soy sauce 

Monday, August 3

B - Oatmeal
L - yellow peas with spinach (R)
D - hot dogs potato chips, potato salad (I made up), pepper slaw (R)
T - banana ice cream

I used the new Sharpie pen to label the top of the spices - makes it so much easier to find what one needs! Would be nice to have in a drawer and just be able to look down to see - but it is working for us now as is.  I put duplicates in a different place and added a little sticker to remind me we already have more of the spice in the house. As I get new ones I plan to put the purchase date on the bottle too.

We are not the only ones looking forward to the figs...  : (

Recipe from Claire:

Tuesday, August 4

B- oatmeal with figs
L-yellow peas with celery and spinach + potato salad and pepper slaw
D- Hamburger taco salad - sour cream, tomato, avocado, salsa, bell peppers, cheese, cucumber, meat with onion and spices, tortilla chips

Leaves and plants from my near neighborhood walk.

Starting to grow more kitchen scrap veggies! (at the bottom that's fennel and celery)

Wednesday, August 5

B - oatmeal
L - black beans and rice
D - hamburger in pasta sauce with noodles and pepper slaw

See the butternut?

There is another butternut hidden on the ground in this plant.

Thursday, August 6

B- Oatmeal
L- Black beans and rice
D- Chicken with curry simmering sauce with rice and peas (topped with a little apricot jam and plain yogurt) well received.

Friday, August 7

B - Oatmeal
L - Rice and Beans
D - hamburger, onion on noodles with extra pasta sauce

Saturday, August 8
B - Oatmeal
L - Rice and beans with added tomato, green pepper and turkey
D - chicken with simmering sauce, grilled cauliflower, rice and peas

Carrot tops are growing nicely. Just about ready to put in soil...

The grilled cauliflower made the dish even better than it was the first time!

Sunday, August 9
B - oatmeal
L - instant potato flake pancakes with sour cream and apple sauce - well received
D - Sweet kale salad mix with tomatoes, avocado, cucumbers and carrot/celery sticks/cucumber and hummas.

Finally leveled up in Pokemon!
We are harvesting a little plateful of figs every day now! Perhaps I will have to freeze or dry them to preserve them...  I'm thinking the neighbors wouldn't eat them.
Monday, August 10
B - Oatmeal
L - Lima Beans and Mashed potatoes
D - Scrambled Eggs with breakfast sausages, sliced apples and pan cooked two-ingredient biscuits

Tuesday, August 11
B - Oatmeal
L - Lima Beans with cheese and crackers
D - ham and sweet potatoes and peas

Harvested some basil

Wednesday, August 12
B- Oatmeal with figs from our tree
L- Lima Beans
D- Sauteed salmon, rice, canned string beans (fried with sugar), tomatoes from our backyard

Thursday, August 13
B- oatmeal
L- Salmon Sandwiches with garlic mayo, avocado and sliced apples
D- Lima Beans with extra ham

Friday, August 14
B - oatmeal with our figs
L - Lima Beans
D -  Louise's Pork Verde and quesadilla

Saturday, August 15
B - Oatmeal with figs
L - Tuna Sandwiches with tuna, mayo, celery, sweet relish, raisins and sliced apple
D - Louise's Crockpot Recipe: Pork Verde topped with avocado, with rice and quesadilla

Combined the beans were grew with store bought pintos and soaked for lunch tomorrow!

Around August first I started sprouting these carrot tops, onions, celery and fennel. 
Planted in soil this evening. Covered with toile to try to protect from rabbits.

Not all were sprouted, but needed the space to start sprouting some more beans!

Sunday, August 16
B - Oatmeal with p-nut butter and marmalade
* Since we have been able to get milk and it is getting very hot decided to buy some cereal and fruit for breakfast for a while.  Need to remember to think about making a smoothie with oatmeal...   )
L - Pinto beans (including some that we grew in the back yard) with Almost Normal bean seasoning and seasoning for tofu, topped with mozzarella cheese - with a slice of toast and butter
D - Louise's Pork Verde (adapted to ingredients on hand) mixed salad with lettuce, tomato, cabbage and my dressing, quesadilla

Monday, August 17

B- Smoothie - aqui, blueberries, figs, water, 1/2 banana
L - Pinto beans and quesadilla
D - BLAT Salad, crackers and gouda cheese

Tuesday, August 18

B- Smoothie: blueberries, 1/2 banana, flax seeds, ground oatmeal, figs
L- Salad with chicken, mayo, apple, celery, and left over broccoli salad dressing
D- Chickpea rotini pasta with left over pasta sauces (cheese and tomato basil) with zucchini, mushrooms
T- heavy cream and sweetened condensed milk - vanilla and cut up granola bar ice cream

I remembered a few years back that I used to buy these smoothie packs at Fresh 'n Easy (a great store that has since gone out of business).  I enlarged the photo to find the name of the company that made the kits - they are still in business but do not seem to be making these anymore.  : (

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

B- Smoothie: beets, celery, apples, figs, oatmeal, coffee, cucumber
L- Chicken Salad Sandwiches
D- Chickpea rotini pasta (left over) with zucchini onion mushroom and my hoisin sauce
T- heavy cream and sweetened condensed milk - vanilla and cut up granola bar ice cream and
3/4c aquafaba, 1/4 c whole earth stevia and monk fruit (ground to powdered state) 1T milk and 3T peanut butter  I made a mistake and blended the p-nut butter mixture in and it turned to liquid, so I whipped up about 1.25c heavy cream and then folded the aquafaba/p-nut butter mixture in that.  Tastes very good.  Needs more time to be really firm though.
No exercise session today.  Trainer not feeling well.  She will have Covid test tomorrow. : (
Cut off ends of carrots and placed in wet paper towel to start growing new carrot tops!

Saw the face on this tree for the first time this morning on walk withe Buffy.  I've walked by this house at least dozens of times.  Funny the new things there are to notice.

The smoothie had a lot of texture in it.  Tomorrow will use the juicer blade.

Buffy was so tired and/or so hot that she didn't make it up to the bed for her nap!

Nice sandwich - used Dave's White Bread.

First day for the new carrot tops to start growing!

Instead of continuing with the Italian sauces, I switched to Chinese sort-of theme for dinner.

Thursday, August 20, 2020
B- Smoothie - fresh: celery, carrot, figs, flax seed, ground oatmeal, coffee - frozen: zucchini, beets, orange juice, lemon juice, cucumber.  Alex did not like this version, so made another with full apple, about 2T orange juice, carrot, coffee, ice cubes - he liked that one better.  I think because there was no apple in the original version, the cucumber taste was too strong for him.  I was able to drink it so no matter.  It has been awhile since either of us has had smoothies, I needed to remember to more gradually change the fruit to vegetable ratio so our tastes grow accustomed to the non-sweet versions.  To me, low calorie cucumbers are so nice to put in a smoothie - glad they seem to be getting a little more platible for me now.
L - Curry Egg Salad Sandwiches with sliced apple (another food that is platible now since our Africa trip).
D - BLAT Salad with Mayonnaise Dressing.  Mayo - rice vinegar - S&P  Think that was it.  Very clean tasting.

Adding coffee. Instead of using a juice, I prefer using water or coffee for smoothies.

Showing how much finer the juice blade, rather than the larger blender, processes things!  It was all drink, no chewing required.

Served on Dave's White bread this was a hit.  Made with 8 hard boiled eggs, 1+ grated carrot, about 1/2c chopped spring onion, 2T mayo and 1T curry.  Mayo lightly brushed on the toast, then fresh spinach on one of the pieces before scooping the curry egg mixture. Next time I will use more curry!

Friday, August 21, 2020

B - Smoothie: beet, celery, carrots, zucchini, fig, apple, acai, coffee, lemon juice
L - Sardines with lemon juice on celery, buttered toast fingers, soft boiled egg with S&P
D - Mejadra with carrots, celery, nan, hummus
T - Homemade ice cream

Claudine sent me recipe for Mejadra, but it was done on the stove top.  I looked online and found several recipes for Instapot.  Using white or brown rice.  One said to soak beans overnight, one said to soak one hour.  That's what I did.

1.  Thinly slice half of one onion - about 3/4c to 1c.
2.  Finely dice half of one onion - about 3/4c to 1c.
3.   Finely dice 2 garlic cloves - measure 1/2t ginger - add about 2T lemon juice
4.  Measure into a small bowl: 2t cumin, 1t coriander, 1t alspice, 1/2t cinnamon, 1/2t tumeric, 1t salt
5.  On a flat plate put 2T salted flour, get out larger frying pan, spider, plate for stirrer, spoon, stirrer, tongs, olive oil and canola oil, plate with paper towel
6.  Rinse and leave 1c  whole masoor dal brown lentils in boiling water to soak.  Rinse and leave to drain 1c jasmine rice. Walk Buffy.
7.  Turn instapot on to saute, 1T canola, add diced onion cook ~2min
* pour about 2 inches of canola in frying pan, dust the sliced onion rings in the flour/salt, turn pan on to heat
8.  add garlic , stir and cook ~1min
9.  add ginger, lemon juice, spices, stir
10.  add drained lentils and 2c water - let boil a few minutes, stir
11.  add drained rice, stir.  Press to cancel the instapot saute mode, put lid on in sealing position
12.  cook on rice mode (this will be 12min at low pressure)
13. Add some corn flour to the onion rings, test oil, fry about 1/3 of the onion at a time - put on large plate with paper towel, continue until done
14.  Instapot alarm goes off, set alarm for 10min - leave rice/beans alone
15.  Peel two carrols and slice into sticks, same for celery, put grilling plan on burner, spray with canola oil, slice nan, start heating nan.  put carrots and celery on table with hummus and spoons
16.  Alarm goes off, call family in to eat, flip vent to open on the instapot - set alarm for another ten minutes.
17. family eats carrots, celery, nan and hummus. Chat and wash and dry spinach put in the bottom of bowls
18.  Alarm goes off, remove metal pan from instapot.  Portion one cup per - put piece of nan in bowl too. 
19.  Read history of the dish, eat and enjoy.
20.  Put left over mujadar in glass covered container. Will need to fry more onions for the topping when it is next served.

Saturday August 22
B- Smoothie
L - Salad with four/five shrimp beets, celery - mayo dressing
D -  left over mujadar - sauteed 3 c onions with fresh chili peppers, broccoli and zucchini

plus ~1c ground oatmeal

Sunday August 23
B- Smoothie - froze leftovers in ice cube tray
L- Shrimp Salad with lots of shrimp, lettuce, tomato, and dressing made by adding a little mayo dressing to the cocktail sauce - Yum!
D - Costco Sweet Korean Bulgogi - Bernie grilled -Yum!
Cucumber Kimchi salad and green salad with the same dressing Recipe
White Jasmine Rice
Made no-bake cheese cake but we didn't have any...

Monday August 24
B - Smoothie - froze leftovers in ice cube tray
L - turkey, lettuce, tomato (removed seeds), sandwiches with sliced apples
T - No-bake cheese cake
D - Costco Sweet Korean Bulgogi - rice - broccoli and zucchini

Tuesday, August 25, 2020
B- Smoothie (all fruit) - froze left overs
L - Nothing (June working on books - no one thought of food until shortly before time to walk Buffy)
D - Chicken Salad with beets, carrots, avocado, tomatoes, red bell pepper with mayo dressing
T - Last of the no-bake cheese cake

Wednesday, August 26, 2020
B - Smoothie
L - Turkey sandwich + figs and walnuts
D - Pancakes, Eggs, bacon

Thursday, August 27, 2020
B- Smoothie
L - Tuna Sandwich + Goldfish
D - Lentils and Rice and vegetables

Friday, August 28, 2020
B- Smoothie
L - Lentils and Rice
D - Chicken Teriyaki and Rice

This yard sign - colorful but not clear.

Saturday, August 29, 2020
B- Smoothie
L - Bernie's grilled cheese sandwich on rye with tomato soup and goldfish
D - Grilled chicken, BBQ beans and potato salad

Sunday, August 30, 2020
B- Smoothie
L - Bernie's Pastrami Sandwich with sauerkraut and swiss cheese 
D - Bernie's chicken salad with vegetables Oil Vinegar Salt and Herb de provance

Making 3D masks with nose piece and filter pocket.

Then tried with longer filter pocket.

Tested by putting on with candle and blowing - don't need filter pocket so cut them away from finished ones and just had the nose piece.  I placed this so it showed and was easy for people to see which way was up

Monday, August 31, 2020
B- Smoothie
L - Chicken salad sandwich and apple slices
D - Grilled hotdogs in Hawaiian bread rolls and condiments + potato salad and BBQ Beans

Cousins in Ireland get to go out together.

Still haven't had dryer fixed so we are using this gizmo to dry things!

Really only the butternut squash and basil are producing in the garden now.