Thursday, July 23, 2020

June 1-30 Self-Isolation Meals

Monday, June 1
B - Oatmeal
Made English Muffins and black beans with bacon
L - Dennison Chili + My first ever English Muffins
Took online cooking class - breakfast was the theme. We were supposed to get English Muffins, but I figured I might as well make sourdough English Muffins so baked them in the morning.  Very successful.  Next time will make with a 4 inch circle though...  I downloaded and compared three recipes - will link to them later!
D- English Muffin, Bacon, Parm cheese, poached eggs, and beans,
Hollandaise sauce thrown out - that method for making did not work for me!

The dough had milk - made it very lovely to work with.  

New to me method for poached eggs.  Drop them in plastic wrap, twist them up and tie a knot then can cook multiple eggs at one time.

This sauce was so gross, as Alex and I test tasted it we had to spit it out.  This is when I pretty much decided to not continue these online cooking classes.  He had said he would give feedback if I sent photo of the sauce, but I never got any.  Might as well watch a freely available youtube since there was no feedback!  I had paid for the month so would continue attending, but didn't try to cook along with him since there was only chat to communicate with during the class - he used unpublished YouTube channel for his live classes.

Our dinner - the beans made it very complete and nice.

Tuesday, June 2
B - Oatmeal
L - rice and beans
Made banana bread
D - leftover pasta, and fire cracker chicken, asparagus

Wednesday, June 3
B - Oatmeal
L - Black beans and rice - topped with carrot tops and chives
I made pesto! (Recipe from Square Foot Gardener book)
D - Pasta, pesto and cauliflower
T - Banana bread and coffee toffee ice crean

Thursday, June 4
B - Oatmeal
L - Black beans and rice, topped with sausage, onion, carrot tops and chives
D - Pasta - pesto and ricoltta, brocolli, English Muffin, butter, marmalade

Friday, June 5
B - Oatmeal
L - Black beans and rice - topped with chives
D - Russian Braised Cabbage with pork, canned carrots and onions - Yum!

Saturday, June 6
B - Oatmeal
L - Black beans and rice - topped with cut spring onion tops
D - Pesto Pasta + salmon
400 degrees skin down, oil on bottom, S&P and spice, 15-20 min, until flakes or 140 degrees
T - ice cream with pecan sandies

Today was supposed to be the wedding of our Irish cousin.  We all spoke on zoom right after they had a small BBQ in Kilkenny.  It was so nice to see them, and the American cousins too!

They make a handsome couple.  The postponed their wedding to the end of June 2021.

Sunday, June 7
B - Oatmeal
L- Leftover black beans and pesto pasta and new cauliflower rice
Decided better to mix cauliflower rice in with some regular rice
D - artichokes, butter or mayo
Leftover braised cabbage 
Made lima beans and started sour dough

Monday, June 8
B - Oatmeal
Made sourdough bread
L - Lima Bean Soup - with beans, carrots, bay leaf, etc.
took Chef Toco Class - only got two appetizers done
D - Caponata and tomato on grilled bread
Making cake for tiramisu (Nastasha's Kitchen - Russian Tiramisu cake) as I couldn't get lady fingers

Natasha's Kitchen Russian Taramisu Cake

Using carrot tops in place of parsley!

Tuesday, June 9
B - Oatmeal
L - Lima Beans
D - sauerkraut and hot dogs, cucumber and tomato in Vinegar and oil
T- Tiramisu - didn't use Chef Toco recipe as he used raw eggs for the custard

Walmart made an error and delivered this order to us.  Easily solved with phone call. 
They have been very good during this crisis.

Instead of coffee I used Eclipse coffee syrup!

I ground chocolate chips in the Ninja juicer.

Wednesday, June 10
B - Oatmeal
Made pinto beans
L - pinto beans with pasta sauce, spinach in garlic and toast
D - pasta spinach Eggplant coponata
Classico asiago romano alfredo
T- Tiramisu Cake with Ben and Jerry Coffee Toffee Crunch
Dinner and Treat well received!

Thursday, June 11
B - Oatmeal with blackberries
L - pinto beans and toast
Made bread - added yeast to the sourdough and it poured out of the pan!
D - pasta with spinach caponata

Another Irish cousin celebration missed - 21st birthday in Cork.

Friday, June 12
B - Oatmeal
L - pinto beans with canned black beans, toast with butter
D Chicken fried rice - Nastasha's recipe, + onions and celery
T - candy!

Saturday, June 13
B - Oatmeal
L - lentils with celery, onion, carrot, boullion
D - chicken fried rice + asparagus
T- bird's custard and cookies

Friend sent me this photo...

Sunday, June 14
B - Oatmeal
L - nothing
D - rice beans broccoli chicken/pasta

Monday, June 15
B - Oatmeal
L - rice and beans
D - pasta with cheese sauce, veg and chicken
sourdough bread

Tuesday, June 16
B - Oatmeal
L - rice and lentils
D - pizza with pepperoni, squash, onions, sauce and cheese

Our first bell pepper - grown in back yard! Picked a little too soon, but it was fine cooked on the pizza.

Wednesday, June 17
B - Oatmeal (Alex working, J ate alone)
L - Nothing
D- Chicken with p-nut butter sauce, broccoli, and brown rice
English muffins
T - brownies with frosting, pecans and whipped cream

Thursday, June 18
B - Oatmeal
L - Pizza and apple/apricot
D - sauteed salmon, squash + tomato with parm bread and crumb topping
T - brown rice, vanilla pudding and pecans
Squint Game

Earlier I had cut back the basil and put plants in water to grow roots.  On this day I gave to neighbors with photos to show how to harvest and take off the flowers.

Friday, June 19
B - Oatmeal
L - salmon brown rice and beans
D - sweet potatoes, ham, arugula and carmelized onions

Brownie and Coffee Ice Cream Treat

From cousin

Saturday, June 20
B - Oatmeal
L - leftover pasta and pesto, squash, tomato bake and lentils
D - Pre Father's Day Meal!  Schwab watermelon margarita and chicken tacos

Margarita tipped with alepo salt!

Using the set up we got from cocktail class at Boston Shaker.

My Once a Month Quilting group had their first zoom gathering this evening.

What I'm listening too on Audible during my walks by myself.  It will take more than a month to finish the book as most of my walks I am chatting with friends on the phone, or with DH and DS.

Sunday, June 21 - Father's Day1
B - Oatmeal
L - Alex's Egg Benedict, hash root veggies, custard with black berries and strawberries
D - Schwab (left over) Chicken salad and quesadillas

We put toile around the plants to help save them from critters.

Monday, June 22
B - Oatmeal
L - Brown rice and lentils - topped with onion and pepperoni
D - Fish sticks with tarter sauce
Salad - lettuce tomato and my dressing with celery seed and ketchup!
T- oatmeal cookie with carmel coffee crunch ice cream
The Irish cousin and her friends came to San Diego!

Tuesday, June 23
B - Oatmeal
L - lentils with brown and white rice
D - scrambled eggs strawberries, english muffins/ leftover banana nut muffins

Difficult to see the birds, but we have new bird feeder that is being enjoyed by them.

Wednesday, June 24
B - Oatmeal
L- pinto beans with Brown and white rice
Started bread process
D- Curly noodles with Prego sauce and carmelized onions and roasted cauliflower

Cut onion tops to dress lunch!

When I make pizza, decided we liked this the best as the crust.

Thursday, June 25
B - Oatmeal
Made sourdough bread - half with rosemary and half with cinnamon/sugar/raisin
L - pinto soup with bacon, our first harvested onion, bouillon and rosemary bread and butter
D- Curly noodles with cheese and pesto sauce, cauliflower and sausage
T- Made no churn ice cream

Butternut squash hiding under the leaves

Friday, June 26
B - Cereal
L - Pinto beans on pasta and cauliflower
D - hot dogs, sauerkraut and English muffins

Saturday, June 27
B - Oatmeal (J also had piece of cinnamon/raisin bread - not good with the sourdough)
L - Pinto beans, crackers and butter and two cherry tomatoes from our back yard!
D - salmon with Caesar salad, asparagus
T - Home made no churn oreo ice cream

DH asked me for some quilt blocks to decorate the bathroom.  He likes the backside more than the plain fronts (that show the machine quilting).  Oh well.  At least they are being used!

Our kitchen dining room view of the bird feeder and part of the garden showing too.

Sunday, June 28
B - Oatmeal
L - Caesar salad with salmon (fresh and canned) Canned: Live Ocean Antartic Atlantic Salmon + crackers
D - mashed potatoes, asparagus, chicken + broccoli madness salad
T - oreo ice cream

Memory from Ireland trip

Monday, June 29
B - Oatmeal for A - J had protein bar
L - artsoppa and Bolder Baking Hearty no-yeast whole wheat bread
D- Chinese chicken - velveted by DH, rice, brussel sprouts
T - last of the ice cream

Tuesday, June 30
B - Oatmeal
L - artsoppa or sweet potato soup and toasted no-yeast whole wheat bread (all gone)
D - Instant Mashed Potato Pancakes, applesauce and sourcream