Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Some November 2021 Meals

I have stopped trying to keep daily log of meals.  There are so many repeats and carry-in and now eating out it was just too difficult for me to do that now.

Here are some photos of meals we had during November 2021. Scroll down to the bottom then scroll up to see in order - I put the descriptions at the bottom of the photos.

Nov 26 2021 Breakfast treat I made by cooking down some canned peaches, added a few cranberries, and put into the crescent rolls with some powdered sugar cream cream.  Well received.

November 25, 2021 Thanksgiving.  Bernie put fresh rosemary under the turkey breast skin - very yummy.  Sorouts were roasted with balsamic vinegar topping.  Made cranberry sauce - tried to strain the berries out to make jelly, but ended up putting it back in so it would get firm.  Made Heidy's cornbread sage sausage dressing and my mom's waldorf salad (not in picture) and put cream cheese in the potatoes the way she did.  We had crescent rolls.  And I made pumpkin pie with no-fail sour cream crust.  Very nice.  Made up a big plate for our neighbor, Tony.

Nov 23 2021 breakfast and carry in dinner of sushi and Alex's miso soup.

Nov 22 2021 - recreating my favorite dinner from childhood.  Always liked this!

Nov 21, 2021 Los Angeles - the day after the walk on the way home we stopped for pastry and a great Mexican meal at Olvera Street.

Nov 20 2021 We walked the Great LA Walk - this time starting in Alhambra and ending up in LA.

Nov 19 2021 - We took train to LA for the walk.  Stayed at Hilton Checkers again, so we knew where to go for a nice Irish dinner.  Dublins in downtown LA.

Nov 18 2021  Dramatic sunset - and then walking Buffy in the park.

Nov 17 2021  I've been watching the British Baking Show so put sesame seeds on top of the hot dog roll ups to fancy them up.  Found a painting we got years ago, done by Cheeta the Tarzan Chimp.  

Nov 11 2021 - I was signed up for a Milk Street Class that ended up being postponed.  I had all the ingredients so made the egg rolls.  I used the air fryer instead of deep frying.  Philippine recipe that had white vinegar.  We didn't enjoy it so I didn't make the chicken as it also included white vinegar.

Nov 10 2021 - Korean Bogoli Beef (costco), Fabulous roasted carrots made in Milk Street Class, and Kimchi from our new local H Mart!

Nov 9, 2021 Semolina Gnocchi from Milk Street Class.  Yum!
Buffy on her bed in the den.  She likes burrowing under blankets.

Nov 8 2021  Buffy used to really enjoy sitting in the sun in the living room.  I set up lots of boxes (had  to add more after this photo was taken) to help her know the path she should take to get up and down. She ended up back in the den on her pile of sleeping bags.

Nov 6 2021  Buffy under covers in the window seat.

Nov 5 2021  Buffy searching for treats in her new brick toy. 

Nov 4 2021  Buffy getting attention.

Nov 3 2021 - Lunch and some treats from H Mart- yum!

Nov 1 2021.  After Appt I went to new H Mart - they have a great food court at the beginning.  So after shopping for groceries brought some nice lunch (and lunch again) home!

Saturday, September 11, 2021

September 2021 Meals

So far this month has just been a collection of take out!  Buffy needing attention - she is doing very well.  I'm behind in recording these things - Sep 11

W Sep 1

B - J muffin, A egg sandwich

L - Wendy's Burgers and Fries

D - A cereal, B&J leftover Mexican

Th Sep 2

B - A muffin

L - Leftover Thai and Mex J &B, Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich A

D - sandwiches from Keils?

D - Rubio's Salad J&B, 3 fish tacos beans and chips A

T - angel food cake with rhubarb and whipping cream

Took Buffy for a short walk in the carriage.  She didn't love it, but didn't hate it either (didn't bark).

F Sep 3

S Sep 4

L - carry in Mexican

D - Chili and Beans and Corn Muffins

Su Sep 5

L - 

D - Carry out from Piatti in La Jolla and Bernie's Birthday Cake

Buffy Cam Photos

M Sep 6

L - K-sandwiches and coffee milk

T Sep 7

L - J leftover K sandwich, B cereal

D - Jack in the box A spicy chicken sandwich, B&J split croissant sandwich

T - Birthday cake for all 

Buffy's Stitches Removed!

Foster's Freeze

Finally a walk with P - there is a cactus next to the house that was shaped like a person.  A little scary.  Reminded me of the shadow in the tv series 'Manifest"

W Sep 8

B - J almond croissant and cinnamon stick from K's

L -

D - Tasty Bite Coconut veggie, chicken, and rice - don't get this again!

Buffy in the new play pen that we got.  Sides are 24" - the first one I got was 30" tall - I couldn't bend in to put in anything or pick her up. She is satisfied most of the time to stay in there - just want her to be safe while sleeping or napping and healing.  She was blind before the operation so expect she will be able to navigate the house again once she is healed.

Th Sep 9

F Sep 10

D - Pork Roast, Mashed Potatoes, Cauliflower and Peas

T - Frozen Lemon Italian Ice

S Sep 11

L - 

D - Foster Freeze Banana Splits (A out)

Su Sep 12

L - Salad with pork, tomatoes, cheese

D - Sushi from place by the old Soup Plantation

M Sep 13

T Sep 14

W Sep 15

L - Scrambled Eggs with Cheese Sandwiches, apple slices

T - ice cream bar J, granola bar B

D - Last of the pork roast cut up, tomatoes, 'grand parisian' salad mix

Th Sep 16