Sunday, January 9, 2022

Some October 2021 Meals

 Just too busy taking care of Buffy to log all meals.  Relying on photos on phone to share a few meals...

October 30 2021 - DH and I were quite pleased this day.  We brought Buffy with us - and also brought the pet stroller - so she was sitting and sleeping safe in the zipped up stroller while we enjoyed a nice lunch out!

Oct 20 2021  Costco stuffed salmon for dinner, the electricity went out in kitchen after the meal, so DH and DS worked on wires in the dark.  Problem fixed next day when it was light.  Little Buffy a little more than 2 months out from her surgery, nice sunrise while we walked.

Oct 17 2021 - Lots of decorations in the neighborhood for Halloween.  This was my favorite...

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