Friday, September 4, 2020

September 2020 Self-Isolation Meals

 Tuesday, September 1, 2020

B - Oatmeal + blueberries
L - Chicken salad with apple, celery, on top of lettuce with nan
D - Pasta with tomato and pesto sauce and grilled chicken and zucchini

Wednesday, September 2, 2020
B - Walnuts and M&Ms
L - Lentils and rice and squash
D - Leftovers, take your pick:  teriyaki chicken, hot dogs and beans, pasta and chicken

Thursday, September 3, 2020
B ` skipped  - made sushi then we all went to Julian today!  Didn't get out of the car, except when there was a speed bump that required less weight in the car.  Looking at houses.
L - Rice, egg, dried pork sushi
D - Still leftovers - pasta/chicken BA and oatmeal J

Friday, Sep 4, 2020
B- p-nut butter and jelly on left over hot dog bun J - Alex skipped
L - turkey sandwich lettuce tomato and cheese for B&A  with apple slices
D - Potato Pancakes + sour cream and apple sauce (Recipe)

Potato Pancakes

1/2 plus 1/8 c Instant Mashed Potato flakes
1/4 plus 1/8 c self rising flour
1 1/4 c milk
1 egg
1 diced onion

On heated, oiled griddle - fry onion until brown
Combine the flakes, flour, milk and egg
Add the onion after it cools a bit
1/3 c of batter for each pancake - aim to make 6 pancakes (2 per person)
in small bowls put individual 1T sour cream and 1/8c apple sauce

Nice with fruit or fried egg on the side.

These are not very good the day after.

Saturday Sept 5, 2020
B - cherrios and berries - J alone
L - tuna sandwich and potato salad
D - Birthday Pizza! Salad - too hot for birthday cake

Sunday, Sept 6, 2020
B - J only - nuts/raisins/MMs
L - lentils and rice - bacon - carrots - celery - onions and birthday cake with strawberries/ lemon curd and whipped cream
D - Chicken - rice - peas?

Monday, Sept 7, 2020
B - J only - nuts/raisins/MMs
L - turkey sandwich with apple slices
D - meatballs with grape jelly/chili sauce - rice - broccoli

Tuesday, Sept 8 2020
B - J only - nuts/raisins/MMs
L - tuna sandwich - mixed fresh berries/whipped cream/ b-day cake
D - meatballs with grape jelly/chili sauce - rice - broccoli left over potato pancake/ sour cream/ apple sauce

Notice hand sanitizer too!

On walk noticed this planters at waist level and on rollers!

Wednesday, September 9 2020
B - Smoothie - J alone
L - Chicken/celery/apple/mayo/vinegar/salt/pepper/sugar salad topped with raisins on lettuce and one piece of buttered toast
D - Insta pot rice/chicken and stir fry vegetables and garlic sauce (Recipe below)
T- Pistachio ice cream (Recipe below)

These vegetables were sturdy and held up well to the instant pot cooking!

Added peas when I added the sauce.

Served with soy and hot sauce.

Insta pot rice/chicken and stir fry vegetables and garlic sauce
1.  Heat Insta pot, then put in a little oil, three chicken breasts, and one onion.  Let it cook until brown on one side, then turn to the other side.  Move the onion so it gets brown too.
2.  Remove all from the pot, put in a little miran to deglaze the pan.  turn off heat.
3.  Add 1 1/4 c rice and 1 1/2 c water and about 2t better than bullion - S&P
4.  Use kitchen scissors to cut the chicken so bite sized add to the pot
5.  Set pot to manual, high pressure for 9 minutes
6.  Let it cool to depressurize for about 9 minutes, open valve and put in the stir fry vegetables.
7.  Set pot to manual, high pressure for 6 minutes
8.  Let it cool to depressurize for about 9 minutes, open valve and stir in the sauce and add some frozen peas.
9.  Let it set for a few minutes.
Made 6 one-cup servings.  Next time need to do something to serve on the side.  Tasty.

No-Churn Pistachio ice cream
whip 1 pint heavy cream to soft peaks
add some vanilla, a packet of pistachio jello pudding, and then pour in a can of sweetened condensed milk -  whip until combined and in harder peaks
transfer to glass freezer containers and freeze.
Very successful.  Forgot to take photo.  Scoops easily and had a lot of taste.

Thursday, September 10, 2020
B - Protein Bar and peanut MMs (alone)
L - quesadilla (sour cream, guacamole, salsa) apple slices (over easy egg inside also for B&A)
D - Leftover Lentils and rice with broccoli and zucchini - topped with some curry sauce
T -  no churn pistachio ice cream

Last batch of Onions from our garden - will try to root and start a few more from this batch!

Friday, Sept 11, 2020
B- Skipped
L - Curry Egg Salad sandwich with apple slices + oatmeal cookie
D - leftover chicken stir fry with extra zucchini
T- no churn pistachio ice cream

Made navy beans for a few lunches and aquafaba ice cream!
Recipe:  She explains the proportions and how to add the flavors really clearly.
Just starting the 6 min mixing

After 6 minutes

Add vanilla and beat another minute.

Add powdered sugar and beat another 2 minutes. (Want to try with monk fruit sugar instead.)

Add the milk plus flavoring (blended before hand) and fold into the aquafaba.

Put into freezer container (about 4 cups)

Saturday, Sept 12, 2020
B - seem to be skipping breakfast now
L - navy beans cooked just with water  - after added grilled carrots, celery, onions and ham better than bouillon and buttered toast
D - Tofu with Maple, soy, frank's hot sauce and Hoisin sauce and asparagus, beans, mushrooms, and rice
T - no churn pistachio ice cream or peanut butter aquafaba

Next morning tested aquafaba.  The flavor part had dropped to bottom in a layer.

Put in mixer and combined again.

Loss some mass but it is combined.

Topped with green onions and everything but bagel!

Sunday, Sept 13 2020
B - skipped
L - Open faced cheese sandwich, navy beans cooked just with water  - after added grilled carrots, celery, onions and ham better than bouillon
D - cereal, strawberries, milk
T - no bake eclair

Monday Sept 14 2020
B - Skipped
L - Delicious sauerkraut stuffed grilled kielbasa, green salad, baked beans
D - Dominoe's Pizza - hamburger and taco flavor (they said it would be), green salad
T- no bake eclair with whipped cream

I like the crust, but guess more traditional toppings appeal to me more...

Tuesday, Sept 15, 2020
B- ate chocolate eclair pudding
L - left over pizza and salad
D - cereal strawberries milk

Wednesday, Sept 16, 2020
B- skipped
L - turkey sandwich with lettuce and tomato and apple slices
D - black beans, chicken with diced tomato, onion, cumin, with rice and a green salad topped with avocado and mango!
T - the last of the aquafaba and no-bake chocolate eclair

Thursday, Sept 17, 2020
B - skipped
L - sandwich - heated cheese, lettuce, avocado, tomato
D - grilled hotdogs and beef sausage, hawaiian buns, condiments, left over black beans with left over franks/grape jelly and brown sugar, lettuce with string beans and oil/vinegar dressing
T - pecan sandies for BA - nuts for J

Friday, Sept 18 2020
B - skipped
L - Sardines on top to celery dressed in lemon juice, buttered toast fingers and a soft boiled egg! also a few garlic croutons - meal well received
D - Cracker Barrel Mac and Cheese with peas and grilled chicken - meal well received

Sat Sept 19 2020
B ---
L - black beans, fresh cut up tomatoes, fresh spinach, curry sauce - toppings coconut, shredded dried peaches, and pecans - on brown/white rice - meal well received
D - chicken, mushrooms, butternut squash (from our garden grown from seed of store bought squash!), quinoa with peas, shredded peach - meal well received

Sunday Sep 20 2020
B ---
We three drove to Julian - didn't get out of the car.  Looking at houses.
L - PB&J on English Muffin, apple slices, nuts for me and fish crackers for B&A
D - Scrambled eggs with ham, spinach, tomato and shredded cheese - buttered toast and berries in yogurt

Sep 21 2020
B ---
L - navy beans with tomatoes, onions, hot dog, pork floss
D - pasta a la Norma, salad, zucchini (Epicurious)  Needed more sauce, should have baked covered


Tuesday, Sept 22 2020
B ---
L - black beans with tomatoes, onions, hot dog, pork floss
D - pasta a la Norma, salad, zucchini

Wednesday, Sep 23 2020
B ---
L - yellow pea soup with onions, ham better than bouillon, ham, bay leaves, 21 seasoning (I think Trader Joe's), zucchini
D - Salad with gorton's battered fish, zucchini, lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese, dressing and tartar sauce

Thursday, Sep 24, 2020
B ---
L - yellow pea soup with onions, ham better than bouillon, ham, bay leaves, 21 seasoning (I think Trader Joe's), zucchini + Dave's Bread Toast with butter
D - Baked salmon (soy, honey, garlic, molasses) with mango salsa (red onion, celery tops, mango) rice with coconut, and green salad

Fri - Sep 25, 2020
L - Bernie's inside out grilled cheese and yellow pea soup
D - spaghetti lasagna, with italian sausages, green salad, peas

Sat, Sept 26, 2020
L -  navy beans and rice
D - spaghetti lasagna, with zucchini, sausage sauce, chicken and green salad with artichoke hearts, romain, tomatoes, and mayo/sour cream/spice dressing
T - butterscotch pudding with pecans, caramel sauce, whipped cream

Sunday, Sep 27, 2020
L - Yellow pea soup
D - leftover pasta with eggplant, zucchini added and green salad with tomato and avocados and cheese

Monday, Sep 28, 2020
L - a small portion of yellow pea soup, with salad with chicken and cheese
D - chicken taco: Chicken with spice mix and onions, lettuce, tomato, cheese, avocado sliced, salsa, sour cream - refried beans - tortillas grilled with a little cheese

Tuesday, Sept 29, 2020
L - Shrimp Caesar Salad!
D - Beef and Broccoli from the Washington Post  Next time will water down the soy sauce, and add more vegetables.  And half the recipe for the three of us - have enough for another dinner though so I'm not complaining!

Wednesday, Sept 30, 2020
L - Shrimp Salad with cocktail sauce dressing
D - Cereal with milk