Sunday, November 1, 2020

November 2020 Self-Isolation Meals

Sunday, November 1, 2020
B - PB & J sandwich (J)
L - mashed hard boiled egg, avocado, garlic hummus and mayo with sliced ham sandwich + apple and pear slices
D - Doordash - Sushi - a variety - fun and good tasting!
Nov 1 2020 During the day:
Walked Buffy
Went thru sewing room boxes and worked on rearranging them. 
Moved all office items to scan to the bedroom.
Evening walk with B & A and Buffy

Monday, November 2, 2020
B - Yogurt and Costco cashew bits
L - Doordash DZ Akins: BBQ/Bacon Hamburger with Pasta Salad and a Malt! J  Pastrami Reuben and onion rings for A, Pastrami/roast beef sandwich on onion roll for B
D - No dinner as all full from lunch - A had Kiwi, B had rice pudding

Nov 2 2020 During the day:
Walked Buffy and phone chatted with a friend
Zoom meeting with DH and others
Zoom Exercise with trainer
Evening walk with B & A and Buffy
Chatted with CW
Tuesday, November 3, 2020
B - Oatmeal PB & Marmalade and milk (J)
L - Salad with roast beef, cheese, tomato - pasta salad - honey mustard dressing and split yellow pea soup
D - Carryout Mexican food

Nov 3 During the day:
Walked with Buffy
Rearranged office and fabric boxes
Watched election coverage
Evening walk with B & A and Buffy
Met neighbor Audrey - she has two daughters - real estate agent knows some workers to hire

Wednesday, Nov 4, 2020
L - shrimp caesar salad
D - probably split pea soup and toast
Walked/chat with P while walking Buffy
60 min zoom exercise
Evening walk with A and Buffy

Thursday, Nov 5, 2020
L - can't remember Nan and cheese and bean soup?
D - pick up - DZ Akins - I had potatoes, B and A had pastrami sandwiches

AM walk with Buffy
Went to dentist
Evening walk with B & A and Buffy
Visit from Andrew - he brought instapot for us!

Friday, Nov 6, 2020
L - rice, beans, and shredded chicken
D - Spaghetti with squash and marinara sauce, cheese sticks and salad
Walked/chat with P while walking Buffy
90 min zoom exercise

Saturday, Nov 7, 2020
L - Beans with cabbage roll and buttered toast
D - Degorno thin crust pizza and salad (I didn't like at all)
Didn't write down. Mainly I think going thru sewing items. 
Oh and watching Star Trek Next Gen with Bernie.

Sunday, Nov 8, 2020
L - can't remember
D - can't remember
T - cheesecake jello with blackberries and kiwi
Didn't write down, I think I mainly listened to TV while going thru sewing room items

Monday, Nov 9, 2020
B - --
L - tuna sandwich with sweet relish, celery, mayo, apple slices, grapes and raisins
D - Saving Dinner: Broccoli, Mushroom and Noodle Casserole and green salad with tomatoes and sweet dressing.  I made half recipe and has asparagus instead of broccoli.
Walked/chat with P while walking Buffy
Inventory of food in pantries
90 min zoon exercise session
Walk with B A and Buffy in the late afternoon

Tuesday, Nov 10, 2020
B - nuts, smoothie
L - Leftover Saving Dinner: Broccoli, Mushroom and Noodle Casserole and green salad with tomatoes and sweet dressing.  
D - Doordash - DZ Akins. I had cabbage roll, B & A each had pastrami rueben's. 7-layer rum cake (but I couldn't taste it so gave to B)
Slept in, no am walk for Buffy
Not a lot done.  Helped B a little while he cleaned the kitchen floor.
Walk with A and Buffy in the late afternoon
Got to attend part of the zoom SFQG meeting - two followers of Nancy Crow spoke.  Very nice.
Made list of TO DOs.

Wednesday, Nov 11, 2020
L - coconut shrimp with sweet hot sauce, snap peas and rice
D - Ate lunch late so no dinner
T - Hot chocolate
Phone chat and walk with P and Buffy.
Can't remember
90 zoom exercise

Thursday, Nov 12, 2020
L - Chana Masala topped with sour cream and carrot tops
D - Doordash - expensive Korean meal - we each got a different meal and then all shared.  Beef short ribs, chicken bobali (sp?), seafood pancake

Woke - was delighted to realize I didn't have to rush to do anything this morning
AM walk with Buffy
Nice chat with cousin K.
But then had a really nice zoom with folks from WPI
About four hours in calls with insurance company - they do not let you request an agent - it's who ever is on call.  Very unsatisfactory service.
PM walk with A and Buffy

Friday, Nov 13, 2020
B - Alone - had jello and pears
L - A&B had Korean leftovers and rice, I had rice and Chickpeas
T - popcorn
D - hotdogs in buns, baked beans, carrot salad, grilled zucchini
Walked Buffy and chatted with P
Started a yoga session, but couldn't concentrate so backed out
Zoom Exercise for 90 min
Drove car for the first time - with B to pick up my sunglasses (left at dentist)
Buffy didn't get PM walk.

Saturday, Nov 14, 2020
B - cinnamon roll (J)
L - Chickpeas with rice and squash
D - Fresh scrambled eggs and bacon and cinnamon roll
Walked Buffy, tried to chat with friends but no answer so listened to audible book
We went up to Julian to look at a house!  Very fun - we liked it.
Bought fresh eggs at drive thru road side store on the way back. First time it was open on the way back. Didn't see before that they had a drive thru window.
Walked with Buffy, Alex in the evening

Sunday, Nov 15, 2020
B - Iced Coffee (J)
L - left over hot dogs, baked beans and scrambled eggs, green salad, with toast
D - Saving Dinner: Tofu Stew, corn bread with honey butter, spinach salad with dried cranberries, tomato and hidden valley dressing
AM Walk with Alex and Buffy!
Chatted with Cindy
Alex took Buffy to vet for her shot and nail trim.
Texts with BT
PM Walk with Buffy A B J
Submitted offer.

Monday, Nov 16, 2020
B - J only - English muffin with PB and Marmalade
L - Chickpeas and rice (for B&A) Cottage Cheese and Jello with Pears (J) and all had crackers with soft Irish cheese
D - Homemade pizza with salad
T - chocolate chip cookies and Discovery!
AM Walk with Buffy and phone with Penelope
Real Estate Calls
60 min zoom exercise
Visited neighbor who fell and broke hip - already replaced hip and home - very strong guy.

Tuesday, Nov 17, 2020
B - J only english muffin with PB & marmalade
L - Sandwiches: ham, cheese, tomato, avocado, lettuce - potato salad, apple slices, and Ruffles potato chips

Walk with Buffy AM
Chatted with BT in MA
Worked on sewing room stuff, made appts that I've been putting off.
Walk with Buffy and A PM - met neighbor we had seen walking around before.  She is a Holocaust survivor and has written a book we will get.
BAJ - Watched Discovery together

Wednesday, Nov 18, 2020
B - left over pizza (J)
L - costco shrimp cocktail and green salad
D - Scrambled eggs, sausage, apple slices, English Muffin with butter and marmalade
Walk with Buffy and Phone with Penelope
60 min zoom exercise
Sewing room stuff - thinking about what block to make for the swap
BAJ - walked Buffy pm
BAJ - watched Discovery together 

Thursday, Nov 19 2020
B - English Muffin with P-nut butter and marmalade plus toast with same
L - chick peas curried last left over from Saving Dinner (J) B&A had saving dinner tofu stew
T - Ruffles potato chips
D - Doordash - Corbon's BBQ
T - Oatmeal Choc Chip Cookies
Walk with Buffy
Cut up boxes to fit in the trash can (still more to do!)
Ate!  So hungry today, not sure why
Dentist for new crown to be placed.
BAJ - walked Buffy pm
Friday, Nov 20, 2020
B -
L - Tofu Stew, rice, cauliflower
D - Coconut shrimp, rice, broccoli
Walk with Buffy and chat with Penelope on phone (also some box cutting)
60 min zoom exercise
J - walk Buffy pm
New medicine schedule for Buffy
Made models of the
 Block Swap block
Real Estate phone calls

Saturday, Nov 21, 2020

Sunday, Nov 22, 2020

Monday, Nov 23, 2020
B - J scrambled egg sandwich on leftover hotdog bun
L - P-nut butter marmalade sandwich and apple slices (B & J) A had 2 yogurts
D - doordash - California Fish and Grill - I had scrimp on rice with squash, B had shrimp on rice with corn, A had fish and chips
Drove for home inspection
Ate in car
Sleep on return
Walk with Buffy and A

Tuesday, Nov 24, 2020
B - Oatmeal with A
L - B made himself cheese sandwich and had potato salad A and J full from breakfast skipped
D - Korean breakfast sandwich and baked beans
T - choc pudding for B
Walk with Buffy
Nice breakfast and chat with A 

Wednesday, Nov 24, 2020
B - quick Oatmeal with A
L - Aloo Gabi Sabzi - Spicy Potato Cauliflower Sabzi adn Bhatt Ki Dal - Traditional Kumaoni Black Dal and Nan
J Walk with Buffy and walk/chat on phone with P
Online exercise
evening walk with B A and B

Thursday, Nove 25, 2020
B -
L /D - turkey, gravy, potatoes with cream cheese, dressing with onions, celery, and sage sausage, crescent rolls, salad

Cooked food in parallel with DH cooking his parts
made sour cream pie crust - in frig as there was no time to make pie
Called an chatted with a few folks

Friday, Nov 26
B -
L.D - left over thanksgiving dinner
T - pumpkin pie with whipped cream

made pie
gave neighbor two pieces of pie and whipped cream container
walked am with p and buffy
walked evening with BAB
Called and left messages with different people

Saturday, Nove 27
L left over other food for lunch
D - pumpkin pie with whipped cream

went thru inspection papers and typed notes

Sunday, Nov 28
L - Bernie made tomato soup, grilled cheese sandwiches and heated up mac and cheese from doordash
D - dressing, turkey, baked beans

J back hurt so mainly in bed with ice packs and heating pad watching tv
Monday, Nov 30
B - J had rest of the mac and cheese and veggies

Still not tip top so no am walk for Buffy
Exercise - light workout -60 min
Found another live exercise class - did that for a little bit
found sander and sand paper in garage
walked buffy - thought P would call but it was just buffy and me - but it was a great 50 min walk!

Doesn't seem to make any difference if I record what we eat, so not sure if I will continue.... A would like to make a turkey pot pie and we want to make another pumpkin pie I think...