Tuesday, February 8, 2022

2022: February Meals

 Tue Feb 1 2022


D Cabbage and Pork

T B&J Ice Cream

Wed Feb 2, 2022

L B&J split reuben sand and Matza soup  DZ Akins Pick Up $_______

D Corbins Pick Up $_______ Tri Tip Salads for B&J, Tri tip sand and Mac and Cheese for A

T in frig DZ Akins Eclair, and rice pudding

Ralph's $40.60

Gas Arco $6.54 for 1.363 gallons

Thu Feb 3 2022


D Italian Pick UP _______   BJA Chicken parm and spaghetti, stuffed mushrooms, salad

Fri Feb 4 2022

Costco Returned $_______ Bought $_________

L Costco chicken salad on lettuce leaves and Matzo Soup

D Costco meatload and Potato with zuchinni, salad leftover from Italian night

Sat Feb 5 2022

L Chicken Salad sand + Lettuce and chips BJA

D Gyros Nan hummus carrots celery BJA

T Brownie ice cream

Sun Feb 6 2022

* Walk J&A Seven Bridges

T Milk Tea J&A ~$10 (A)

L Carry out Mass Pizza (A) $30

T brownie and ice cream

D B&J shrimp cocktail

T dip and chips B&J, brownie ice cream

Mon Feb 7 2022

L shrimp and left over pizza

T J yogurt 1/2 eng muffin PB&J

D left over spaghetti chicken parm, meat loaf and potatoes

Tue Feb 8 2022

B B eng muffin with butter, J cottage cheese and blueberries

L B&A chicken salad sand and chips, J chicken salad and chips - shared shrimp cocktail

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