Sunday, January 9, 2022

Waldorf: Friday - Green Day - Rye Cereal

Rye Cereal

6 C rye flakes

1 1/2 tsp salt

12 C water

Cook until tender (Be sure to stir so it does not burn!)

Serve with honey or maple syrup and bananas.

Note: This recipe will serve 25 - 30 kindergarten children.   For 11 to 12 children make with 3 cups rye and 6 cups water.

Candle Lighting
I can light a candle
God can light a star
Both of them are helpful
Shining where they are

Candle Stuffing
Candlelight shining bright
Thank you for your loving light.
Good night.

Come Out and Play
Bright is the day
The birds are all singing
The flowers are gay.
Stretching up, oh, so high
Trying to reach the sky.
Come out and play!
Bright is the day
The birds are all singing
The flowers are gay.

Wash Hands
Wash hands wash
The men have gone to plow.
Now's the time to wash your hands
So wash your hands now

Good-bye Verse
Our work, our play, our song
In us becomes a light
We carry it along
Til the stars shine thru the night
To God we bring it all
Answering in his call.

Good-bye Song
Good-bye now
Good-bye now
We leave you now
And home we go

Good-bye now
Good-bye now
Good-bye now
Good-bye to all of you.

It's time to go or we'll be late
Let Martin lead us to the gate.

Good-bye now
Good-bye now
We'll see you soon again.

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