Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Bernie Birthday BBQ 2016

Vegetable tray from Costco

Brie and Gouda with fig jam/walnuts

Assorted crackers


Selzer Water

Two kinds of BBQ Chicken

Grilled Vegetables

Quinoa/Rice/Red Onion/Mushrooms/Butternut Squash

Green salad - cucumbers - tomato - dried apricots - avocado - pumpkin seeds and cranberry - My dressing

Swedish Summer Birthday cake:

lemon cake

two layers each divided in half

put lemon curd (2 jars) between and sugared small diced strawberries (3 boxes)

frost with whipped cream (1 pt)

topped with strawberries

Next year:

Work on arrangement of appetizers ahead of time

Ask someone to be in charge of drinks at the event

Signs to help people - where to put dirty plates, where to put purses, restroom, drinks

Do all BBQing ahead of time

Put food in heaters so ready when people arrive,  put water in the dish with the sterno!

Spend more time decorating the cake

We all sat in the back - three long tables together.  Any more people would have to have different eating arrangements!

Spend more time chatting!


Bernie and June

(Allison and Sue)

Donn and Barb

James and Rebecca and Zack

(Sean and Sophie)

Alex (and Maria)

Pam and Sandy

Brad and Vicki

Bey-Ling and Guy, FIL Pierre, and 2 children