Sunday, January 9, 2022

Waldorf: Wednesday - Yellow Day Apple-Millet Cereal

Apple-Millet Cereal

2 1/4 C millet

6-8 C apple juice or water

5 - 7 apples, cut up

2 tsp cinnamon

Cover with water, add more as needed.  

Cook until tender (about 20 minutes)  *We recommend a heat disperser so the grains won't burn. If you don't have one, watch pot closely and stir often.

Optional: Serve with maple syrup.

Note: Recipe will feed 25 - 30 kindergarten children!

Lunch Blessing
Before the flour, the mill
Before the mill, the grain
Before the grain, the earth, the sun, the rain
The beauty of God's will.
Join hands.
Join hands.
Join hands.
Blessings on our food.

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