Saturday, February 6, 2021

Date Filled Tea Cookies - Inji's Kitchen

 Date Filling:

Date Filled Tea Cookies:

(Be sure to click on the links to see how pretty these cookies can be!)

The cookies came together very nicely.  I think I could have/should have used a bit more of the crust batter.  Inji makes hers with equal parts so to make these I used the same amount of the crust and the date filling.

Making a weekly cookie was my son's idea, but this week he couldn't make time to make the cookies with me.  I made one roll of cookies just to test the method out.

I decided to try to use the remaining ingredients to make a cookie crust for a pie.  I was intending to fill the crust after it was baked with vanilla pudding and whipped cream, but the pie rose up and looked so nice! I decided to serve with some whipped cream and a few chopped pecans.

I had rolled the crust on parchment paper, but it fell apart when I tried to transfer it to the pie plate.  So instead I used my fingers to shape the crust.

Then I took a medium spoonfuls of the date paste and flattened in on top of the crust.

I took the remaining crust batter and put in on in small pieces on top of the date paste.  I used a fork to spread the crust and to add a design.

Baked in toaster oven for around 9 minutes at 200 degrees C.  I left it in the oven after the timer went off for a few more minutes.  I then removed it from the oven and left on trivet to cool a bit.  Then I put a knife down the side in one place to see if the crust was done.  It did appear to be done.  So I put the pie in the frig to do a quick cool down.

I divided the pie into quarters and took a third of a quarter as a slice on the plate. Added whipped cream and pecans. Crust was so flaky and nice, the date filling sweet and tasty!

Looks pretty doesn't it?

I may experiment with dried apricots and other fillings later.

Date filled pie - very well received!

ADDED FEB 22 2021:  I made crust with filling of apples/sugar/cinnamon - but it was too much liquid.  Next time need perhaps to prebake the apples before adding to the crust.  The crust baked fine, but the liquid made it impossible to slice and serve - had to scoop it out!

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