Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sweet Potato Soup

June's Sweet Potato Soup

Dice an onion
Dice 3 stocks of celery
Heat pan and put a little olive oil in.
Cook the onion and celery until it starts to turn brown.

Scrape the skin off and dice one sweet potato (the orange kind - about 7 inches long)
Add to the pan, stir.

Add about 2 T vegetable stock concentrate and about 4 cups of water.

Cover and simmer until soft.

Use potato masher to break up the potato.

Serve.  Delicious.  It's a sweet warm wonderful soup and I recommend it!

We had it with the last of the salad fixings - greens, tomato, celery, carrot - sprinkled with celery seed before adding the dressing.

Add a glass of red wine - a wonderful meal on this cold, cold day.

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