Friday, May 17, 2013

Advice: Everyday is an Investment


I recently wrote a letter to DS talking about the importance of scheduling regular time to do the things that he did not consider to be his job.  I included: cleaning, paperwork, getting caught up, planning ahead and keeping in touch.

In life we all have to do things that we do not consider to be part of our job/life.  But these regular maintenance things have to be done, so might as well plan for them, do them, and do them well so when (for example) you do your taxes you have the needed information, or when (for example) ten years have passed you have good memories. And not (for example) wishing you had gotten together with people more often but that you didn't because you didn't make time to make good, new memories.

The words in Seth's blog "Investing in the wrong place for a week or month won't kill you. But spending ten years..." support what I was writing.

It's easy to let events run one's life - and in some situations and times it will work out okay.  But it you neglect maintaining your life then it becomes a habit to do that and it becomes very hard to get ahead.

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